I humbly share this praise from my clients.  My client's experiences are the driving force behind my work and my constant pursuit of perfection


Specialist Advice

Highly recommend a consultation with Iwona for any wound matter. I am a nurse myself and I sought the very specialist advice of Iwona for help with treating a nasty wound my daughter sustained after her leg got caught in a thorn bush. Iwona guided me all the way through healing this wound. She gave me specialist advice on which dressings and creams to use. It was so reassuring to have the support and professionalism of Iwona during this process. Thanks Iwona

Aoife, Dublin 

Accuracy and dedication

I tend to hurt myself quite often. Iwona helped me several times, always with positive results. My biggest concern was a post-operative wound that had opened. Iwona cured it quickly and effectively. Her professionalism, accuracy and dedication are incredible.

Michelle, Dublin

Nurse Iwona appeared with her magic bag!

An accident, a broken collarbone, surgery, nasty stitches, abrasions, remnants of road stones embedded in the skin and Nurse Iwona appeared with her magic bag of plasters, creams, gels and  washes and she lubricated, glued and took care of my body and mind. Thanks to her commitment and hard work, my scars are minimal and I am lucky to have met her. She has great knowledge, and professionalism and her approach is that the patient always comes first. Thank you with all my heart and I recommend Iwona to everyone. 

Maja, Dublin