Wound Care Nurse

Home-Based Wound Care in Dublin

I bring over three decades of unwavering nursing experience and specialized wound care training to the forefront of your healing journey here at Holistic Wound Care Nurse. My dedicated wound care service is designed to address a spectrum of wounds, from lacerations and abrasions to chronic ulcers and surgical incisions. Here, we go beyond the conventional, offering personalized sessions that seamlessly blend expert wound management with holistic lifestyle adjustments. Navigating the healing process is a collaborative effort, and our approach involves thorough assessments, tailored treatment plans, and compassionate care. Discover how we transform wound care into a holistic and empowering experience, serving Dublin South & South West with the commitment to bring you back to the pinnacle of health.

Wounds I Treat

Abrasions (Scrapes) 

Superficial wounds caused by friction or scraping against a rough surface.

Lacerations (Cuts) 

Tears or cuts in the skin, which can vary in depth and length.


Small, deep wounds caused by pointed objects like nails or needles.


Surgical cuts made during medical procedures.


Injuries caused by heat, chemicals, electricity, or radiation.

Contusions (Bruises)

Bruising caused by blunt force trauma, leading to damaged blood vessels beneath the skin.

Pressure Ulcers (Bedsores)

Skin damage due to prolonged pressure on a particular area, often seen in immobile individuals

Diabetic Foot Ulcers

Chronic wounds that can develop in individuals with diabetes, often on the feet

Moisture-associated skin damage (MASD)

An inflammation of the skin originating from arious sources of moisture including urine, stool, wound exudate, perspiration,  mucus & saliva

     Chronic Ulcers    

     Non-healing wounds, such as venous ulcers, arterial ulcers, or pressure ulcers that persist over an extended period

Dehisced Wounds

 Non-healing postoperative wound with accompanying  rupture along the surgical  incision

 Other & Atypical Wounds

Wounds of unclear or unknown aetiology, will be assessed and treated with collaboration  of various specialist as necessary to plan the best treatment

Other Procedures &  Services

Removal of Skin Closure Devices

 Such as stitches, clips, staples

Negative pressure wound therapy (NPWT)  

Helps reducing inflammatory exudate and promote granulation tissue.  

Skin Integrity Plan

Advising how to maintain skin  integrity and prevent  injuries & ulceration in people at risk such as elderly, immobile, suffering from diabetes,  lymphoedema, chronic venous insufficiency, or eczema

Compression Therapy Support Devices

With compression therapy, I can recommend compression devices, positioning aids, footwear etc. 

How we work together

Session 1

Comprehensive Onboarding Building the Foundation for Healing

Duration: 1- 2 hours with the patient and any of their family members or care team who wish to attend

Patient Assessment:

Educational Component:

Hands-On Wound Dressing:

Personalized Care Plan:

Session 2 Onwards

Continuing Healing Sessions Support for Optimal Recovery

Session Duration: 1 Hour Each

Wound Dressing and Observation:

Recommendations and Education:

Bandage Selection Expertise:

Friendly Professional Visits:

Steps to start working together

Step 2

I  will conduct a verbal pre-assessment over the phone

Step 3

We start with a 2-hour  Comprehensive Onboarding meeting to build the Foundation for Healing

Step 4

We continue at the pace that's right for your healing- this may be up to 2 visits a week to dress your wound and continue to support for optimal recovery

Area of Operation

Operating within 30 mins travel time from Clondalkin, Dublin (taking traffic into account) including  but not limited to:

Benefits of Our Dublin-Based Home Wound Care Service

Customized Treatment Plans:

Enjoy the advantages of individually tailored treatment plans that consider your unique medical history, lifestyle, and specific wound characteristics, maximizing the effectiveness of the healing process.

Convenience and Accessibility:

Benefit from our services conveniently offered in the comfort of your own home. Serving the Dublin area, we bring expert wound care directly to your doorstep, eliminating the need for unnecessary travel and ensuring your healing experience is as seamless and stress-free as possible.

Collaborative Care

Receive compassionate care in a collaborative environment, where we work closely with you and other healthcare professionals to ensure a multidisciplinary and comprehensive approach to your healing journey.

Holistic Healing Approach

Experience a holistic approach that goes beyond traditional wound care, with personalized lifestyle adjustments aimed at supporting overall well-being and accelerating the healing process.