As an independent wound care advisor, I take referrals from individuals, healthcare facilities, and other organizations. My goal is to provide accessible, patient-focused service and avoid bureaucracy. Therefore, I prefer direct contact with a customer via phone or email. This way, I will get all the necessary information about the issue and establish a mutually convenient time to visit.

We will also discuss the price before the visit as my service is paid.

Referral Partners

I take referrals from:

Wounds I Treat

Abrasions (Scrapes) 

Superficial wounds caused by friction or scraping against a rough surface.

Lacerations (Cuts) 

Tears or cuts in the skin, which can vary in depth and length.


Small, deep wounds caused by pointed objects like nails or needles.


Surgical cuts made during medical procedures.


Injuries caused by heat, chemicals, electricity, or radiation.

Contusions (Bruises)

Bruising caused by blunt force trauma, leading to damaged blood vessels beneath the skin.

Pressure Ulcers (Bedsores)

Skin damage due to prolonged pressure on a particular area, often seen in immobile individuals

Diabetic Foot Ulcers

Chronic wounds that can develop in individuals with diabetes, often on the feet

Moisture-associated skin damage (MASD)

An inflammation of the skin originating from arious sources of moisture including urine, stool, wound exudate, perspiration,  mucus & saliva

     Chronic Ulcers    

     Non-healing wounds, such as venous ulcers, arterial ulcers, or pressure ulcers that persist over an extended period

Dehiscet wounds

 Non-healing postoperative wound with accompanying  rupture along the surgical  incision

 Other wounds

Wounds of unclear or unknown aetiology, will be assessed and treated with collaboration  of various specialist as necessary to establish  optimal treatment

Why Trust Me

As a dedicated nurse, my passion for wound healing stems from witnessing the profound impact that personalized wound dressings, coupled with lifestyle adjustments and proper nutrition, can have on the speed and efficacy of the healing process. Working in healthcare brings me immense joy as I contribute to improving people's lives. The satisfaction derived from aiding patients in reclaiming their mobility and enhancing their overall quality of life is immeasurable. Wound healing isn't just a job for me; it's a calling where my innate knack for the intricacies of this field allows me to make a meaningful difference in the well-being of those under my care.

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